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"Top Notch Holistic" Directory and Resource Center was established to assist individuals in locating holistic service providers to meet their health objectives. It also provides the latest research information about healthy lifestyle all in one location. Take control of your health and take it to another level!

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The Top Notch Holistic Resource Center was established to assist individuals in locating top notch holistic practitioners, restaurants, Health food stores, health and wellness retreats, yoga centers, health related products, and finding the latest information about healthy lifestyle all in one location. Rest assured that the members of this directory are highly qualified and provide the highest quality and standards of services and products.

The practitioners in this directory are knowledgeable and experienced in the latest holistic healing modalities and provide outstanding and quality care.  Choose health care practitioners who offer a holistic approach to help you reach optimal health. Search the holistic directory to find Integrative Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncture Physicians, Naturopathy Doctors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Chiropractors, Holistic Therapists, Holistic Nutritionists and more. 

The health-food restaurants, Vegan Restaurants, and juice bars in this directory offer organic, natural, and highest quality of fresh ingredients when preparing meals and drinks. The health-food stores offer natural and a variety of organic grocery items with the highest quality to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The yoga studios, retreats, and health centers offer amazing and enriching retreats. Choose from a variety of classes and workshops at top yoga studios, from life changing retreats and health centers that include:  yoga/fitness classes, healthy foods, outdoor activities, and holistic type workshops that will help you meet your health objectives.  

This is the number 1 Holistic Directory in the United States that includes Top Notch Holistic Practitioners and Holistic service providers.  Search this Health and Wellness Resource Center and blog for information about healthy lifestyle that is based on the latest health-related research.  Look no further, here you can find functional medicine practitioners, health-food Restaurants, yoga studios and a wellness blog all in one location. Take your health and wellness up a notch! You deserve to reach optimal health!

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         You can take charge of your health and heal yourself. 

                    It is all about the choices that you make!

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