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  • Learn what Doctors do NOT tell you.

  • An eye-opening guide on health.

  • Over 100 health tips. 

  • Taking health & wellness up a notch.

  • How to prevent illness.

  • How to maintain your health.

  • Finding balance in your life.

  • My healing journey from POTS.

  • The latest research on healing modalities.

The Stressed Vegan                 Book is:

Printed Book


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** Book was featured at Hippocrates Health Institute magazine worldwide  **

    ** Book ships the same day **
* Paperback ships only in the U.S. *

The Stressed Vegan:

Book Review:

“Wow! What a great book! I’ve read my fair share of health books over the years but this one puts all of the pieces together. The author’s story reinforced something I know to be true - listen to your body. We have to be our own advocates in investigating what’s best for us since we know the way we feel. There are great resources at our fingertips and this book discusses those in-depth. After reading this book, I reflected on my own health journey and see clearly what I’m doing right and wrong. I’m looking forward to tweaking my diet for optimal health.”  - by A. Arnold

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