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Taly Cotler
is the Founder of
"Top Notch Holistic" Directory 
 and the author of 
"The Stressed Vegan".

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Although Taly has an educational and professional background in Information Technology and Mathematics, her passion has always been health and wellness. 

Taly conducted a life-long research about a healthy lifestyle including diets, physical activity, holistic modalities and more.  She attended hundreds of lectures, seminars, and workshops taught by integrative medicine professionals.  


She decided to establish the "Top Notch Holistic" Directory and Resource Center to assist individuals in locating holistic service providers to meet their health objectives.

She wrote a book called “The (Formerly) Stressed Vegan, Ultimate Guide to Optimal Health, Beat Stress-Related Diseases Naturally” where she shares her knowledge, experience and perspective on healthy lifestyle and inspire others to reach optimal health.  The book is highlighted by a stress-related health challenge that she faced and was able to overcome naturally.

Her goal is to share her knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and help empower individuals who are seeking an alternative way to deal with their health condition or looking to prevent illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Taly's story was recently featured in Hippocrates Health Institute magazine.  For the full article, click the link below.

Heal yourself naturally

"Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food"



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